Established in 2006, IGG is a leading global developer and operator of mobile games and applications with a strong global presence and international customer base of over 1.6 billion users in total and over 38 million monthly active user ("MAU"). Leveraging its success in client and browser PC online games, the Group changed its strategy to target the mobile games market in 2013. After years of effort, the Group's mobile games are now available in 23 different languages worldwide, and the APP Business has also hit its stride after a decade of perseverance. 

IGG is headquartered in Singapore with local offices in the United States, China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Türkiye, Italy and Spain, and users from over 200 countries and regions worldwide. Over the years, IGG has aggressively pursued a strategy of globalization in R&D and operations, eastablishing long-term relationships with over 100 business partners, including global platforms, advertising channels, and vendors such as Apple, Google, and Meta. The Group's international presence and partnerships have enchanced its competitive advantage in the industry. In the first half of 2023, revenue from Asia, Europe and North America accounted for 44%, 26% and 25%, respectively, of the Group’s total revenue. The Group has been listed among the “Top 52 Publishers” globally by for eight consecutive years, and received the “National Business Award (2021) for Internet / New Media” by Singapore Business Review.

In March 2016, the Group released a real-time war strategy game, "Lords Mobile". It combines distinctive game design, compelling real-time gameplay, beautiful graphics and frequent updates, all of which contributed to the game's worldwide appeal. As at 30 June 2023, it had 640 million registered users worldwide and nearly 11 million MAU. "Lords Mobile" continues to generate stable revenue of over HK$1.6 billion for the Group in the first half of 2023. According to, “Lords Mobile” had dominated the worldwide rankings as the top-grossing mobile war strategy game for two consecutive years since its launch in 2016. Lords Mobile has won numerous awards. After winning the remarkable "Android Excellence Game of 2017" awarded by Google Play, "Lords Mobile" was nominated for the "User's Choice Game of 2018". Lords Mobile has been awarded at the China Game Industry Annual Conference for four consecutive years, and was selected as the "Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Games" in 2019. It also received awards from Xiaomi’s mobile application platform and medias such as Beluga Global.

"Doomsday: Last Survivors" was released in August 2021. After more than a year of refinement and optimization, the game has become a favourite for 22 million gamers with its distinctive post-apocalyptic survival theme, deep integration of “real-time” and “strategy” gameplay, and unique art style. Following a marketing campaign that started in March this year, the game’s monthly gross billing reached HK$82 million in July. The Group will soon introduce a new survival competition gameplay in guild battle that will let players experience the fun of real-time team formation and battles between guilds in the game.

"Viking Rise", released in December 2022, is a real-time war strategy game based on Norse mythology and Viking history. "Viking Rise" demonstrated huge potential during its beta testing. A Viking-themed game that perfectly combines strategy gameplay with intricate community management, “Viking Rise” received global recommendations from Apple and Google on its launch, and quickly rose to the top of the strategy games download charts in over 60 countries and regions worldwide. After a marketing campaign starting mid-April, the gross billing for May exceeded HK$70 million. “Viking Rise” has released a long-awaited cross-server battle feature, “Kingdom Mayhem”. The game will soon introduce a new innovative cross-server guild war feature, “Battle of the Ruins”, offering players a diverse range of battle experience.

After a decade of perseverance, the APP Business finally hit its stride this year, with monthly gross billing surging from over HK$12 million at the start of the year to more than HK$57 million in June, followed by a remarkable jump to HK$63 million in July. As at 30 June 2023, it has over 300 million registered users worldwide and nearly 20 million MAU. The Group is committed to ongoing promotion and diversification of its product portfolio, leveraging the synergies of platform-based business model to take the APP Business to the next level.

The main objectives of the Group's investments are to strengthen its overall R&D capability and enrich its product portfolio. Through strategic agreements with companies in the games industry, including licensing deals and outsourced game development, the Group strives to diversify its game portfolio. At the same time, the Group tracks strategic directions in the Internet industry by investing in private equity funds with portfolios focused on mobile Internet business. In the first half of 2023, the Group has stepped into profitability in investments, as part of its investment projects gradually enter the profit-making phase. 

To extend its leadership position, IGG is always committed to strengthen its R&D and operation capabilities. Embracing the corporate spirit of “Innovators at Work, Gamers at Heart”, IGG will relentlessly pursue its strategy of quality, innovation and excellence to create innovative yet classic games.