The Group is a renowned developer and publisher of mobile games with a strong global presence and international customer base. The Group has its headquarters in Singapore with regional offices in the United States, China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Belarus, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Italy and Spain and users from over 200 countries and regions around the world.

The Group offers free-to-play mobile games in 23 different languages which have garnered critical acclaim and won prestigious awards. Right from the start, the Group has aggressively pursued the global market. Its strategic direction and plans have always focused on achieving the goal of becoming a global leader in the gaming industry that produces games loved by players around the world. Embracing our corporate spirit of "Innovators at Work, Gamers at Heart", the Group is dedicated to creating high-quality and enjoyable games that will stand the test of time. Over the years, our continuous innovation to produce enduring products, and the effective execution of our strategies and plans, have enabled us to overcome the challenges of a fast-changing industry and volatile market conditions.

As at 30 June 2019, the user community of the Group consisted of approximately 700 million registered players around the world and over 24 million MAU (monthly active user). For the first half of 2019, revenue generated from markets in Asia, North America and Europe accounted for 43%, 27% and 25% respectively of the Group’s total revenue.

In March 2016, the Group released a real-time war strategy game, Lords Mobile. It combines distinctive game design, compelling real-time gameplay, beautiful graphics and frequent updates, all of which contributed to the game's worldwide appeal. As at 30 June 2019, it boasted approximately 240 million registered users worldwide and 16 million MAU. According to App Annie, amidst intense competition in the global mobile games market and numerous emerging strategy games, “Lords Mobile” still retained its position as the top-grossing war strategy game worldwide for the past two consecutive years. As at 30 June 2019, “Lords Mobile” was among the top five grossing games in 54 countries and regions and the top 10 in 81 countries and regions on Google Play, and among the top five grossing games in 15 countries and regions and the top 10 in 26 countries and regions on iOS.  Lords Mobile has won numerous awards. After winning the remarkable "Android Excellence Game of 2017" awarded by Google Play, Lords Mobile was nominated for the "User's Choice Game of 2018". Lords Mobile was also selected as the "Most Popular Game 2018" by "Toutiao",  "Top 10 Most Popular Game Overseas" and "Top 10 Most Popular E-Sports Games" at the 2018 China Game Industry Annual Conference, “Golden Wave Awards – 2018 Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Game” and “2018 China Game Ceremony – Popular Online Game”.

Castle Clash is a fast-paced tower defense game launched in 2013, Most commendably, Castle Clash continued to maintain its popularity with a large and robust user base, and contributes over US$ 8 million in average monthly gross billing almost six years after it was first released. The Group has successfully extended the lifespan of the game by regularly introducing new features, consistently providing industry-leading customer service, and building a large community of loyal gamers around the world. According to App Annie, Castle Clash ranked among the top 20 grossing games in 14 countries and regions on Google Play as at 30 June 2019. 

As for new games, several meticulously crafted titles of various genres including sandbox and simulation games will successively make their debut in 2019.

To extend its leadership position, IGG is always committed to invest tirelessly in its R&D and operation teams, and will continue to recruit talent internationally. To discover and cultivate global talent with the passion and aptitude for the gaming industry, the Group will continue to run its “Inter-G” talent program and “G-Star” incubation program during the coming summer holiday, and also plans to establish a training center in Italy for game artists. Looking ahead, embracing the corporate spirit of “Innovators at Work, Gamers at Heart”, IGG will relentlessly pursue its strategy of quality, innovation and excellence to create innovative yet classic games.

The Group will continue to seek potential merger and acquisition opportunities that could create synergies, accelerate growth and provide breakthroughs in its business.